Friday, July 20, 2007

Khalid Q Awan

Mr. Khalid Q Awan basically from Pakistan and he belongs to the Landlord family Awan of Sargodha (Khushab),He got his education from Lahore but since long time he moved in Canada in 1989 /90 permanently due to his political reasons ,he got Canadian citizen and started living in Toronto Mississauga but his whole family and relatives living in Pakistan (Khushab,Bhalwal,Sargodha,Lahore,Karachi) he is very popular/famous in his areas , after he married with famous Pakistani film star Mumtaz(Baree)of Lahore named Riffit Khalid in Toronto Mississauga .After they moved in USA for business purposes. His whole life in Pakistan (Lahore) and Canada is good, honest, and innocent.and famous with his friends in good sence.he is a well-wisher among his friends , he has nothing any minor mistake/crime in his past in Pakistan and in Canada ,even in USA.his whole life was peaceful ,good , but now after 9/11 he was arrested in Newyork just a Pakistani /Canadian Muslim rich businessman .He faced many cases since now proved not-guilty ,innocent , but FBI wants to involve him in any case to make a progress, efficiency but actually, he is totally ,complete innocent in all cases, he has no wrong links with any body in Pakistan and Canada even in USA. , he is educated, good-chracter man and well settled famous (Canadian/Pakistani national) lawyer businessman.Please look into this matter personally because he is a Canadian Muslim innocent after 9/11 he is still in FBI custody. we need special help and attention from Canadian/Pakistani government /Amnesty international about our deep,nice,wellnatured friend khalid q awan who is still in jail in USA,because we are missing him too much. The FBI wants to involve him in bogus, preplanned, fabricated and modified cases to get special interests, so we need your special immediate help/attention because he is totally innocent in this case,this is truth .this case is being imposed upon khalid q awan He has no any criminal record in Pakistan, Canada, and USA in his whole life. Please save the life of Khalid q awan.

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